Expand your sales with

Local Social Media's

Affiliate Marketing and Partner Program.

What does an Affiliate and Partnership Program

do for your business?

  • Hyper Marketing

  • Expanded Brand Awareness

  • Increased Sales

  • Direct connection to your target market

What would my Affiliate Program look like?


Each Affiliate and Partnership Program will be uniquely tailored to your business needs. Examples of services include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying and choosing partners in specific sectors using agreed upon qualifications

  • Creation of systems to track unique sales by each influencer.

  • Development of monthly marketing requirements for influencers.

  • Oversight of influencers: This can include viewing all influencers social media platforms and marketing programs to make sure they stay aligned with the company's mission, branding, and influencer guidelines.

  • Creation of a "Starter Kit" for influencers as well creation of marketing packages for influencers to focus on.

  • Creation of a commission package for the Affiliate/Influencer Program.

What does a business need to create an Affiliate Program?

  1. Branding Guidelines for Affiliates and Partners

  2. Marketing Package

  3. Sample Kit

  4. Finding Influencers

  5. Review | Acceptance | Oversight of Influencers

  6. Computer program for an Influencer unique URL and access

  7. Create a fair market commission package for Influencers